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Bookkeeping tailored for you.

Peopleshare is a Nottingham based full service boutique Bookkeeping and monthly management accountants.



We take the responsibility of bookkeeping very seriously and understand the stresses and time restraints business owners and account teams are under. Our team aim to add value to your business by relieving you from the significant burden of bookkeeping so you can focus on the other key areas in the business.

As all business owners know, it is a legal obligation to keep records of all their transactions, which can be a massive burden on resources and time. Sometimes companies cannot afford a full time bookkeeper or due to rapid growth, bookkeeping is no longer taking a priority.


This is where Peopleshare can help. Bookkeeping is essential for all business, but good bookkeeping can add endless value to a business. Not only will it help run a successful business, it will highlight missed opportunities and more importantly, prevent risk to the business.

Peopleshare's mission is to help business owners develop a deeper understanding of the evolution of their business and help them achieve the success they need. Achieving this through providing factual based information to help decision making on critical issues within your business. 

Management accounting services Nottingham

Four reasons to outsource;

  • Peopleshare will offer you peace of mind that your accounts are being produced with the latest accountancy practices and all data entry is accurate.

  • Our team have a vast amount of experience for looking for any potential inefficiencies or risks to the business, by running cash flow reports and reviewing the profit and loss on a regular basis we will be able to assist you with crucial business decisions.  

  • The most important of all, you can rest assured that all Tax returns are completed correctly, reducing the risk of HMRC investigations. As long as all information is provided to us correctly.

  • Peopleshare offer a fixed monthly fee service with no hidden costs, so you can forecast costs and plan ahead without a worry.



Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a professionals company like Peopleshare will not only remove the resource drain, it will offer added value the business.



Bookkeeping can be a daunting and long winded task, which might not seem to add much value to your busy business. Not only will our bookkeeping team do all the endless paperwork, we will offer you monthly insights into your business ensuring you are always adding value. 
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Credit Control
  • Purchase Ledger Management
  • Nominal Review
  • Reconciliations
  • VAT Submit
Monthly management accounts nottingham
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