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Management accounts tailored for you.

Peopleshare is a Nottingham based full service boutique monthly management accountants, specialising in bookkeeping, credit control, sales and purchase ledger management, reconciliations and VAT. 



Our Management Accounts team offer a tailor made service to fit your business size, budget and in-house resources. Our team will process your accounts and report on your company's performance. Our monthly report is tailored to offer you the best insight into your current business position and future opportunities and risks.

For most businesses, setting up your own accounts department can be expensive, and time consuming. However, monitoring and controlling financial performance is of critical importance and regular management information is vital to the continued success of your business.

By outsourcing your management accounts to Peopleshare you will not only remove the resource drain and cost, but add value to the business. We offer a fixed monthly fee service with no hidden cost, which ensures you can run your business with peace of mind and total confidence and control.

Management accounts help clients to make fundamental commercial decisions on issues such as funding, risk minimisation and performance improvement. Furthermore, we can ensure that all VAT is accuately claimed or reclaimed and credit control is top of the priority list..

Management accounts review - Nottingham

Four reasons to outsoruce;

  • Peopleshare will offer you peace of mind that your accounts are being produced with the latest accountancy practices and all data entry is accurate.

  • Our team have a vast amount of experience looking for any potential inefficiencies or risks to the business, by running cash flow reports and reviewing the profit and loss on a regular basis we will be able to assist you with crucial business decisions.  

  • The most important of all, you can rest assured that all Tax returns are completed correctly, reducing the risk of HMRC investigations. As long are all information is provided to us correctly.

  • Peopleshare offer a fixed monthly fee service with no hidden costs, so you are can forecast costs and plan ahead without a worry.



Outsourcing your Management Accounts to a professionals company like Peopleshare will not only remove the resource drain, it will offer added value to your business.

Whats included in our reports

key performance indicators

We prepare each report tailored to your needs are below are some examples of what is included. 

  • Sales

  • Gross Margin

  • Wages as % of Sales

  • Bank Balance

  • Debtor Days

  • Creditor Days

  • Stock Balance


Annual Comparison

We prepare an annual comparison profit & loss account. This shows your current year’s profit forecast compared to previous years.

Profit and Loss Account

We prepare very detailed monthly profit and loss accounts.
We investigate and explain all budget variances and update the full year forecast as necessary. It’s always our aim that the full year forecast will be what we are actually expecting the business to do, rather than how we hope it will perform. This is vital, if you need help with tax planning. You cannot plan if you don’t know how much profit you are going to make!

Customer Analysis

Most of our clients want a record of how much business each of their customers did with them each month. This can be useful if certain customers use you sporadically – you will be able to contact them at the right time rather than randomly. You can also clearly see if any
customers have stopped using your services – this may prompt you to contact them.

Finance Report

We include a full finance report with all management accounts.

Monthly accounts Nottingham



Every pack of management accounts we prepare will have personalised key performance indicators, and critical accounting data. We work with you to identify the key areas that tell the story of your business.

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